Saturday, September 3, 2011

Push or Pull?

 Sometimes I tend to overlook the obvious. Lets say you walk into a building, and all you are thinking about is getting in and doing whatever you're there for, making things quick and easy. But have you ever run into those doors that aren't the usual "Push" kind? Sometimes there are those "Pull" kinds, and they sort of throw you out of your rhythm, and make you slow down. They make you take a step back and look at whats around you. Sometimes we can get a little impatient, irritated, and even a little upset. But when you take that step back, you realize that you are just missing so much of what is going on around you. And a lot of times it's right there in front of our faces.
 So why am I saying all this stuff? Well recently I've been reading the words of Isaiah, and everyone knows what you do when you get to Isaiah, you plow through them and don't stop until you finish. But for me, THEY are those "pull" doors.  They are just full of stuff that slows me down. And sometimes they do make me a little irritated, especially when I sit down and read for an hour and don't get anything out of what he has just said. But it has made a difference when I take the time to slow down my reading and really look around at what he is trying to teach me. I guess what I am just trying to say is, SLOW DOWN and smell the roses (or the words of Isaiah).

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