Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Portrait of Our Lord

Take a look at these paintings of Christ, and as you look at them, think of Him, and of His purpose.
Art By Walter Rane

Jehova Creates


Behold The Lamb

And The Child Grew And Waxed Strong In Spirit

 Mary Heard His Word


Whom Say Ye That I Am

He Anointed the Eyes of the Blind Man

These Twelve Jesus Sent Forth

In Remembrance

The Triumphal Entry Of Christ

Portrait Of Christ

He Is Not Here

Christ Visits The New World

Christ In America

  Resurrected Christ

I am so thankful for all that our Savior does for us. His Atonement has played a very important role in my life, and I am learning every day how to apply it more fully to the things I do. As you go about your day, and experience your normal everyday troubles and stresses, remember that it has all been taken care of. Your Father in Heaven loves you and cares for you. Enough to send His own son to die for you. Remember that and follow Christ's example in all things.

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